Cool site I found to access youtube when its blocked

youtube proxyThere are some cool sites called web proxies. These allow you to enter a website into a url form. Once you do that, it loads the website using the internet connection of the server the proxy site is hosted from. One that I have been using recently is Its the best YouTube proxy site I have ever used. Not only is it fast, but it gets me to all of the sites that I want to access. Aside from YouTube, I also like to go on Facebook a lot. I like to stay in touch with all of my friends while I am at school and even sometimes at work. I know I probably shouldn’t be, but I cant help it.

There are a ton and a half of these kinds of sites out there. But they aren’t all trust worthy. Some are full of ads, others are full of popups and the rest might be used to mine for information. So make sure you check out the site before you trust it with any of your information. Make sure the site is SSL secured. Make sure there is social proof, meaning look for evidence that lots of other people use this same site. Also just use common sense. If something looks fishy then don’t trust it. Sometimes its okay to trust your gut. Happy browsing! We found another good site on twitter. You can check them out if you need a proxy.

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