My Vigrx Plus review from real world feedback

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In the past we have written about Vigrx Plus and how there seemed to be just an overwhelming amount of Vigrx Plus reviews that are incredibly positive. While some of this content is now in our archives, we have decided that we were going to go out there and find some guys who have actually used to the product. We also made sure to ask a little about their personal health. This gave us some pretty cool insight as to how they came to the conclusion Vigrx was the product they needed to buy to fix their erectile dysfunction problem.

The very first place went to in order to find subjects for our interview was the PEGym forums. If you search their site you will find a ton of threads with questions about vigrx. So we messaged some of the people who had some positive experiences. To say the least, this was a huge let down. Despite being okay with sharing their thoughts about the product, everyone had concerns with sharing additional health information about themselves. I find it a bit ironic that you are okay with joining a website that is all about male enhancement but not comfortable talking about their reproductive system’s health.

Out of about 30 guys that we asked, only one was willing to give us some information about his usage of Vigrx Plus. I guess you can say he did give us a bit of a review. He said that he had tried it out for 6 months. He did see some initial gain, however after that it plateaued. So what he did was continue taking the pills. Towards the end of month 5 he saw another small increase in size as well as girth. He said there was many times his girlfriend told him to just give it up. However he remained persistent. He was super happy that after 6 months he had added on a whopping 2 inches. “Despite seeing so many articles discouraging penis enlargement on Mayo Clinic, I had a feeling they were wrong, so I kept going.” said the gentleman. To our surprise as well, he did have quite the gain. He sent some pictures to show us proof. While we can’t post these on this website, you will have to take our word for it. The gains are real!

We asked him if he had any advice for people looking to use Vigrx. He said “make sure you follow all of the instructions, if you do it will pay off dividends”.

If you guys have any questions about this particular product or other similar products leave a comment below. We will try and answer all of your questions. Also let us know if you like this type of content. We are always looking for feedback.

Meeting people offline but not in person

When ever you hear something about meeting people the first thought you might get is going on the internet or on a dating site. However some of the old school ways of meeting people like picking up the phone and talking to people seems to be one forgotten method. We recently found a site that has what we believe is the best free latino chat line service out there right now. As the title states it is free as long as you have a long distance calling plan. If you are not familiar with a chat line see this link here. When it comes to the phone world you essentially dial in and you have a bunch of rooms. You can get into a different room by dialing that rooms number. The rooms can have any amount of callers in them. Another word for this type of service is also known as a party line. Some of the more cool lines (the one we mentioned above has this) have a cool feature where you can randomly be added to a room with another person in it. Usually a male or female its really up to you. This was meeting can be nice and spontaneous.

Go give it a try! You never know.

When basic porn is just not enough.

We have seen a ton of cases in our profession about people that have porn addiction. Most of the time individuals that suffer from this have no idea. They gradually slide into this state. Its usually the people around them that notice odd behavior. They start not showing up for work, constantly running late, and different groups of people. Porn addiction is just as bad as a drug addiction. These people need their fix and they will get their hands on everything they can. The internet makes it a whole lot easier.

Users like this tend to look for other stuff such as hardcore sexy porn videos because the regular stuff is just not getting them off anymore. This is almost a direct comparison to drugs. Basic gateway drugs such as weed tend to be good at the beginning but once the body gets used to it they need something strong. Something that will make it feel like the very first time.

How to help a porn addict?

The only way people know to help is by taking bold action. They often think that the only way to help them fix their problem is by restricting them from such content. But what they don’t realize is that this only makes someone want it more. They will find ways to sneak around and still get what they want. Are you thinking about installing a web filter? Don’t. There are tons of proxies out there that make it super easy to get around restrictions. The best thing one can do for someone you care about going through is would be counseling. Professional that have helped people like this before will know exactly what to do. They also more that likely know that tips to offer these users to help them get past this. You can find lots more information in help articles like this one here that will show you step you can proceed.

Leave some comments and let me know if you had to deal with someone like this before.