DIY high bandwidth site hosting

Sites start off nice small and manageable. If you do things right though you might end you having a whole other problem. Most of the time something like this happens with owners or tube sites. They are mesmerized by the promise of big money without really understanding the burdens of managing a large site. Well today I am going to let you in on a little thing called unmanaged vps hosting. If you know a good amount of linux you can actually run a half decent site off a VPS. Just tune it right.

Who cares about virtual servers!

If you actually own a site and know anything about traffic you might actually care.

More than just amateur porn

Amateur porn is as you know, one of the most appreciated types of adult content, but as you will see, there are more sub genres than you would imagine, each of them with its specific pros and cons.

You probably know about all the selfie-mania and the fact that people just can’t stop taking photos of themselves. Well, this trend brought the kinkier version of it around too, because all the social networks and amateur porn sites were flooded by tons of naughty pictures taken by horny girls using their phones. Although some of them can portray just a sexy babe in front of her mirror, some chicks won’t stop there and take completely nude pics, sometimes even engaged in some kinky activities.

But the most important type of amateur videos are definitely the user submitted ones, which although are sold by adult sites, are made by real amateur persons that do this for the money they can get from these companies. They usually tape themselves just for fun, but once they see how easy they can make a few hundred bucks by selling their videos, it becomes a habit and we can be only grateful for this. You can be sure that these movies are truly homemade, because as you’ll see, sometimes the quality is bad and their filming technique is not always amazing, but their enthusiasm and chemistry will surely compensate for this. A sensitive topic is the ex-GF content, because of the multitude of media scandals regarding this particular subject. The whole situation is quite simple because all the legal adult sites will need releases from the performers, but apart from this, all the videos are made by real couples and people that were once together and decided to share their sex experiences.

When basic porn is just not enough.

We have seen a ton of cases in our profession about people that have porn addiction. Most of the time individuals that suffer from this have no idea. They gradually slide into this state. Its usually the people around them that notice odd behavior. They start not showing up for work, constantly running late, and different groups of people. Porn addiction is just as bad as a drug addiction. These people need their fix and they will get their hands on everything they can. The internet makes it a whole lot easier.

Users like this tend to look for other stuff such as hardcore sexy porn videos because the regular stuff is just not getting them off anymore. This is almost a direct comparison to drugs. Basic gateway drugs such as weed tend to be good at the beginning but once the body gets used to it they need something strong. Something that will make it feel like the very first time.

How to help a porn addict?

The only way people know to help is by taking bold action. They often think that the only way to help them fix their problem is by restricting them from such content. But what they don’t realize is that this only makes someone want it more. They will find ways to sneak around and still get what they want. Are you thinking about installing a web filter? Don’t. There are tons of proxies out there that make it super easy to get around restrictions. The best thing one can do for someone you care about going through is would be counseling. Professional that have helped people like this before will know exactly what to do. They also more that likely know that tips to offer these users to help them get past this. You can find lots more information in help articles like this one here that will show you step you can proceed.

Leave some comments and let me know if you had to deal with someone like this before.